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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why your meetings would be perfect for the Mews, and why the Mews is perfect for your meetings!

The Mews has always provided an ideal setting for meeting groups to meet and stay, and sometimes even dine, all in one location…and it is only getting better.  When the Mews re-opens in April it will provide the ideal environment for a distraction free meeting destination.  The Mews Enclave Meeting Package has been exclusively designed as an option for our guests to be able to take advantage of the privacy the Mews offers. 

From arrival to departure the Mews will serve as a one-stop-meetings-shop for our conference guests.  The new hospitality and concierge lounge will allow for convenient check-in and check-out options and provide an area of relaxation and comfort.  The Mews dining room has been repurposed to allow groups the option to dine privately without ever having to leave the complex.  A private business service center and fitness facility are just 2 of the new amenities at the Mews offering added convenience for our guests. The Mews not only provides the atmosphere and logistics for a successful meeting but a full service Mews Guest Service Team complete with a dedicated Hospitality Manager at your service 24.7.

With 35 guestrooms, including six newly designed suites, a newly remodeled 2,041 sq. ft. meeting space, private registration area, four breakout spaces and exceptional service standards the Mews Enclave Package is ideal for meeting groups that are looking for a private retreat of their very own.  



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