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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas From Graylyn

'Tis the season to give -  gifts of Graylyn! Why not treat your loved ones to a unique gift this year. From hand-crafted ornaments to a thrilling weekend Murder Mystery package, we're sure you'll find the right gift to make that special someone happy.
So how good have you or your loved ones been this year?


  --  Tour Pour Du Jour for Two - Join in on a wonderful tour of the Graylyn Estate packed with interesting history and guided by one of our knowledgeable butlers. We'll supply the wine and cheese! Click for More Info

  --  Porcelain / Glass Ornament Collection - These hand-crafted ornaments are perfect as a gift or even a stocking stuffer. Crafted each year from a unique architectural design of the estate, our Graylyn ornaments are perfect to add to your holiday collection.

  --  Unique Gift Shop Items -  From delightful Graylyn souvenirs, to classic timepieces and adorable, fuzzy stuffed animals for your children, the gift shop at Graylyn has everything you need to remind your loved one of the treasures at Graylyn.


  --  Dinner for Two - Want to surprise your loved one with a four-course gourmet dining experience? Graylyn dining is a treat for anyone, any night of the week. Available from 5:00pm to 9:00pm nightly. Click for More Info


  --  Murder Mystery - A packed weekend filled with thrill and suspense. This package is a crowd favorite, as guests can experience the aesthetics of the estate, while fully submersed in a murder mystery game! Click for More Info

And if you're just not sure just what your loved one might like, treat them with a Graylyn Gift Certificate! During the holiday season, receive a $20 bonus gift certificate with every $100 gift certificate purchase. Learn more here

Happy Holidays from all of us at Graylyn!

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