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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Meet Lindsey Wilson, the Graylyn Scholar for the class of 2021

The Gray family was dedicated to education, community, and preservation. Today, Graylyn, strives to honor that commitment by contributing a portion of its business success to local schools, student scholarships, and historical preservation efforts. Each year, Wake Forest awards the Graylyn Scholarship to an incoming student of outstanding academic quality who would otherwise be financially unable to attend the university.

Meet Irmo, South Carolina native Lindsey Wilson, Graylyn scholar for the class of 2021. Wilson, a graduate of Spring Valley High School, has yet to declare his major, but is considering pursuing a degree in psychology.

“I just want to help people. I feel like the emotional aspect of our lives is something that we don’t address as much as we probably should,” said Wilson. “I would like to do something that would help people with that aspect of their lives, and I feel like majoring in psychology is a good step in going about doing that.”.

Wilson is very grateful to receive the scholarship because otherwise he would not have been financially able to attend Wake Forest. The relationships he has already forged among students, faculty, staff, and even the provost are already proving to be an invaluable component of his educational experience.

“On the first day that I moved in, the provost literally came into my room and introduced himself! If I see him walking around on campus, he’ll wave and say hi. He knows who we are. It’s really unique,” said Wilson.

In addition to their full scholarships, Graylyn scholars are also encouraged to apply for up to $5,000 in research grants each year. Next summer, Lindsey is hoping to receive a grant to assist a linguistics professor who works with the Cherokee in the area, documenting the history and fundamentals of their language. The following summer, he hopes to travel to Japan to further his research in linguistics.

When you host a meeting, hold a special event, or stay overnight at Graylyn, you are not only receiving a luxury experience, but you are investing, in part, in Lindsey Wilson’s education and the education of other Graylyn scholars. On behalf of these very grateful and well deserving students, thank you!



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