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Friday, July 20, 2018

A look inside the Chef's Garden

Graylyn is committed to incorporating sustainability practices into its daily operations. One of the features of the Estate that supports this initiative is the Chef's Garden. Chef Greg Rollins and his staff harvest fresh herbs year-round and use them in many of Graylyn's signature dishes and beverages. 

When you step into the garden, your senses are immediately heightened. Each planter is rich in color, from many shades of green, to red, yellow, and purple. Then comes the aroma of the fresh herbs: lemon sage, chocolate mint, rosemary, and marjoram - just to name a few.  

When walking around the garden with Chef, I asked him what makes the Graylyn dining experience unique. His response?

"Our food is fresh. We purposely source sustainable products because we care about the environment and the welfare of animals. Our menus are a blend of Southern, European and Caribbean cuisines, and each course is sure to exceed expectations.”

A tour of the Garden would not be complete without noting Chef’s favorite herb, marjoram. This savory herb has a sweet pine and citrus scent, and it's so aromatic, it’ll make your mouth water. According to Chef, you can use marjoram with most everything, vegetables, chicken, fish, etc.  

Many of the herbs and edible flowers are also used in the presentation of each dish. Those garnishes you see next to your appetizer or on top of your entrée, they’re from just outside the house!



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