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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Third Floor Renovations Completed

A Fresh Look

When built in 1932, the third floor of the Manor House served as the attic to Bowman and Nathalie Gray. Over the years, the attic has transformed from storage space to dorm rooms to guestrooms. On June 22, 1980, a fire ignited on the third floor of the Manor House and on the following day, the president of Wake Forest University announced that the home would be restored to its original 1932 condition and be used as an educational conference center. In 1993, Graylyn became an International Conference Center and began hosting guests and organizations from all over the world. 

 The Manor House second floor guestrooms are the 13 original bedrooms and sitting rooms of the Gray family. When the third floor was renovated after the fire, the rooms were meant to pay tribute to the antique rooms of the second floor, with a modern update. In early 2016, plans were set in motion for a rejuvenation of the third floor, with a fresh new look inspired by what the Gray family would have in their attic—their love for travel and a lifetime of cherished memories. Work began in November 2016 with partners from CJMW Architecture and Blum Construction. 

Renovations were completed in early March, and guests were welcomed to the newly-imagined third floor for the first time on March 17. The redesigned space now boasts 14 guestrooms and an estate suite. We invite you to book your next stay in one of our third floor rooms this spring.
To view more photos of the renovations, click here.
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