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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

A Graylyn Holiday Tradition

Each year since 1990, local artist Julie Perry has created hand made porcelain ornaments for the Graylyn Estate. Each annual ornament features an architectural or interior design element original to the home.

The 2018 ornament depicts the wading bird featured on the tapestry that covers Mrs. Gray’s 16th century chair. This chair is one of the oldest pieces in the Gray Family’s priceless collection, and can be found under the circular stairway.

Perry begins the process by creating an original sculpture which she then casts in plaster to form a mold. Every ornament goes through two firings in an electric kiln. She then paints each detail on every ornament by hand. She makes around 100 ornaments each year for guests and friends of Graylyn to purchase and add to their trees. 



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