Gray's Journal

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An Experience Not Soon Forgotten….

Over the past several months we have given you an insider’s look at the renovations of the Mews.  Now we want to let you know what is in store for guests that stay at the Mews!!  Changes will not only be found in physical renovations, but to the services and amenities as well.  While all of the Graylyn services have always been available to all guests, regardless of guestroom location, we found that some guests, while enjoying the seclusion of the Mews, could also feel isolated from the services of the Manor House.  A lot of thought was put into how to bring the life of the Manor House to the Mews, yet still give it the quaintness that our guests adore.  From this, The Mews Keeping Room was born.

Keeping rooms date back to Colonial times when families would sleep together in a warm area of the home, when the rest of the house was cold.  Today, a keeping room is called by many different names, depending on one's geographical location, such as a family room, a great room, and a hearth room.  The Mews Keeping Room was designed as a warm and inviting hospitality area complete with fireplace, sitting area, and board games; the perfect place to relax with a good read.  This space will also incorporate a 24/7 business service center complete with self-service technology to print a boarding pass or catch up on some e-mail.   The Keeping Room will also be available for convenient check-in and check-out and house Graylyn Keepsakes, a boutique style gift shop with unique items sure to catch your attention.

Just beyond The Keeping Room will be the Mews Dining Room.  Completely remodeled, this space will welcome guests with rich textures and natural finishes.  Each morning this area will offer a European continental breakfast that will feature a rotating menu with a full assortment of morning goodies; however, guests who choose to do so will still be able to enjoy the full buffet breakfast at the Manor House.  In keeping with tradition of the Manor House, Mrs. Gray’s Butterscotch Cookies and Seasonal Beverages will also be served in this area every afternoon, a sweet treat guests of Graylyn have come to recognize and love!  Our desire is for our guests to receive the full Graylyn experience, while never having to leave the comfort of the Mews complex.