Gray's Journal

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Meet Jay Sherrill, the Graylyn Scholar for the WFU class of 2020

When you host your meeting at the Graylyn International Conference Center, you become part of a Gray Family tradition of supporting local schools, investing in aspiring young people, and promoting historical preservation.

A portion of Graylyn’s business success is donated back to Wake Forest University to support  scholarships and research grants. Each year, Wake Forest awards the Graylyn Scholarship to an incoming student of outstanding academic quality who would otherwise be financially unable to attend the university.

Jay Sherrill, class of 2020, is one of the recent Graylyn Scholars. He is a first generation college student from Statesville, North Carolina majoring in Politics and International Affairs. Sherrill says he is profoundly grateful to attend Wake Forest, and utilize all the resources the University has to offer.

“I would not have been able to attend a university like Wake Forest, a school of this caliber, without the opportunity that the Graylyn Scholarship provided,” said Sherrill.
“Without this scholarship, my future would have looked completely different. What I see as legitimately possible has changed. I cannot express how thankful I am for that.”

Sherrill has taken advantage of every opportunity the scholarship has afforded him. Through the research grant, he has traveled to New Zealand to conduct political science research, Washington D.C. to intern with a political think tank, and is currently studying at Cambridge University in England. Sherrill is involved in many activities on campus including serving with Wake the Vote and Campus Kitchen. He is also a Wake Forest tour guide, a news writer for The Old Gold & Black campus newspaper, and part of the CHARGE Emerging Leaders program.

The money you invest when hosting your company’s meeting at Graylyn will, in part, support Jay’s education and the education of the other Graylyn Scholars. Book your meeting or conference today and know that your event will have a positive impact on the greater community.

Remember – at Graylyn, your meeting matters!