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Friday, May 24, 2013

Networking For Meeting Attendees

Many companies are bigger than we think. There's no way all of the employees know each other or have even met. We all know that one of the big reasons to hold meetings or corporate retreats is to bring employees together and figure out ways to better the company through teamwork. They want to find people with shared interests to do business with and they want to home in on the people who will be the most helpful for them in their endeavors. But, especially at larger meetings, people find networking to be uncomfortable, overwhelming and downright ineffective. Here are a few things you can do as their event planner to make the experience more fun.
Name badges with a twist
Instead of first and last name, find some ways to give the name badges more dimension. Try color coding by interest or specialty (and remember to give your attendees the key!) or ask your attendees to list their three favorite things. Have them say "Ask me about...". It's a great way to get the conversation started and help your attendees figure out who might be a good fit for them.
There's an app for that...
There are some pretty cool networking apps out there that allow your attendees to check in at your event and find a list of all the other people who are there, along with their social networks.
Bump: Bump isn't only used for swapping info with the mystery gentleman at the bar. Feel free to bump contacts at networking events and even in the workplace. Who's to say that fleeting connections won't materialize into bigger and better prospects down the line?
WhosHere: It's time to meet your match. Find other people in your proximity who also use the service and talk to them! It's as simple as that. You can also review the profiles of those nearest to you and hold out on an introduction until you find a subject with similar interests. Great for down-time at conferences. 
Take your shoes off and relax (but not in the meeting, of course!)
So often, we're focused on great event content, but we forget about down time. Down time is really important - not only for our brains, but for connecting with our fellow event attendees. What we'd love to see is more time left to be created by your attendees - time for them to create content, share ideas and network. You will find that your attendees see this as some of the most valuable time they have.

Networking can play a huge role in the success of your corporate life. Whether attending a meeting with 75 different companies involved, or your own company's meeting where you just may not know anyone, networking builds relationships and a strong foundation for teamwork.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"Building a Winning Sales Team" Forum at Graylyn!

Do you know if your salespeople have what it takes to grow your company in today's economy? Can you tell the difference between salespeople who might sell versus those who actually will sell? What about those salespeople that fail, what will you do about it?

Sandler Training is hosting a Business Development Symposium intended for Presidents, CEOs and senior management on May 23, 2013 at Graylyn International Conference Center. The forum will begin at 8 A.M. and end at 10 A.M. 

This CEO Forum has been taking CEOs, Presidents & Sr. Management by storm. You'll learn about the effect that hidden strengths and weaknesses have on your sales and profits. You'll hear real world case histories that will shed light on lost opportunities, slipping margins, the rising cost of sales, unpaid consulting, and turnover. You'll discover the top five things needed to maximize your sales revenue this year.

The cost of this forum is $50 and will include beverages and light fare. Seating is limited so call 800-472-9596 to make your reservation now! 

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Finding The Perfect Meeting Planner

We all know that behind every successful meeting is an exceptionally talented meeting planner. Also known as the backbone of planning a meeting, the planner has too many duties to even list. From budgeting, to venue selection, to menus and cocktail receptions, the planner is always there to keep things in check. You are entrusting the outcome of your event to this individual and should set the bar high.

So what makes an exceptional meeting planner...

1. They're always prepared.No matter how compact the bag, if you need something, a meeting planner can reach into a "Mary Poppins" bag and produce it in a matter of seconds.

2. They know how to be composed. While others scramble if things don't go according to plan, meeting planners never let you see them sweat. They're armed with a Plan B... and a Plan C, D, E and F, too.

3. They're wired for possibilities.Where others see obstacles, meeting planners see potential. They can take the biggest hurdle and turn it into something positive in a matter of minutes.

4. They're masters of the palate.Even on a shoestring budget, they can whip up a banquet feast that's delicious and healthy, too!

5. They're destination divas.Wondering where to go on that next vacation? Go find a meeting planner and you'll have destination suggestions to fuel vacation choices for the next decade.

6. They act as protectors of the planet. Meeting planners always have a keen eye for protecting the environment, taking the green path at every opportunity. They waste not, yet manage to do so with great flair.

7. They serve as people connectors.If you have a meeting planner in your circle of friends, you're just three degrees from anyone in the world. They know people who know people and they take great delight in helping others make meaningful connections.

8. They have generous hearts.Meeting planners are go-givers. They're always looking out for others, even the quietest sheep in the flock. They see the unseen and they will do whatever it takes to help others in need.

9. They always go the extra mile.Do you need to get something done? If a meeting planner commits to do something, there's no need for reminders. It will get done, on time (or ahead of time) and in the best possible way.

10. They're friendly and fun
Meeting planners aren't just experts at creating delightful experiences for others. They are natural born party people, smiling and finding fun even in the least likely places.

Use these tips when searching for your next meeting planner and you'll be sure to find a great fit. And as always, Happy Meeting Planning!

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